Happy Holidays and the Little Drummer Boy


I've been struggling with publishing on my blog.  There are a number of drafts that need a little fine-tuning on deck and I've recently had some good hobby activity that have given me a reasonable body of material that I could be posting.  Figuring that people will be more forgiving of poor posts while glutted on turkey, sugar plums and new toys I decided now would be the best time to break the ice and get on with it.  Hopefully you will enjoy Timor Krasnich drummer boy of the 8th Pohlesian Rifles.

Ground control to Major Tom, so sorry that's the wrong song,

"Tiny Tim" is a thank-you and an, "I'm sorry" to the Perry brothers.  A nod to the amazing and characterful guard regiments they gave life to in the 90's and a nearly stock model from their own companies Napoleonic range painted in a style reminiscent of period uniforms to apologize for all the great Perry plastics I will be mutilating to bring this incarnation of my Imperial guard army to fruition.

He is also a dapper dresser, festive and cheery (even on a base festooned with grim and dark skulls) and made me think of nutcrackers, David Bowie, Bing Crosbie and Christmas: Which why this post is seeing the light of day.  If you made it this far thanks for checking this out.  With the first post jitters out of the way I look forward to sharing more hobby content and musings with you in the coming year.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,

horrid person