Once More into the Breach

Test models for the Pohlesian infantry
 I have some of my better ideas when I discover I have run out of choices.  I considered using Death Korps models as line troops for the Pohlesian infantry.  I like the models quite a lot but I've never been fond of procurement by mail;  Call me paranoid I like to exchange money face to face and have things in hand when I pay for them.

It occurred to me a couple days back that the Perry heads I was so hell-bent and determined to use actually stacked up well (proportionally speaking) with the gaggle of poorly painted Praetorians that I have kicking around.  A quick zip with the jeweller's saw and head swap later I was really happy with the look.
Off with their heads!

The old Praetorians/ Mordians are a nice compromise.  Comparing them against the true 28's from the Perry Brother's range they are a bit blockier but haven't really suffered the scale creep that newer models have been steadily ascending.  I had experimented with mixing plastic Cadian components with the Perry plastics a couple years back and they looked terrible.
I need to finish the bases add some depth to the golds but this is about where the models should be
Quite recently I painted a drummer made exclusively from the plastics and lamented the complexity of the uniform.  I think the real beauty of the old models that escaped me to this point is that they are such a wonderful compromise.  The dress details are present and compliment a Napoleonic scheme but are spare enough that painting them isn't a chore.  When I introduce "heroic" characters to the army the scale isn't so much an issue as the nature of their persona's is a bit larger than life.
Painting compromise between striking and quick to paint.  Hopefully hit the right mark.

The best part of this realization is the extension of the "graveyard" project.  My interest in reviving the vehicles stemmed from my disappointment with myself and how I had accumulated so many models that were unfinished/unpainted.  Reviving the infantry just feels right.  The other bit being there doesn't seem to be anything disrespectful about mating two Perry components together.



  1. Molotov,

    Very nice, demonstrating my mastery of all things blog I deleted your comment and my own when I tried to clear out the first comment you deleted.

    Decapitating the Praetorians was the last option I considered. They are a very characterful regiment that have sentimental attachments to many guard players. I still remember the White Dwarf showcase that featured them at Big Toof River. While I have a good stash of models to work with If I ever want to expand procurement getting more Praetorians would be an issue. Mordians aren't as popular and are more readily available.

    Another pro to the head swap is the versatility it lends to the limited number of poses in the range. When I complte the first squad I'll post a row of three copies to show what I mean.

    1. Not a problem! I actually managed to secure a horribly-painted Praetorian Sergeant for my INQ28 project, which I've converted to have a revolver and sabre (going a little more to the ZULU origins...)

      That said, I personally would advocate the use of Mordians rather than Praetorians! (And GW still sells Mordians, too...)


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