First Squad Fall In

First squad reporting for duty (or just a photo op).
 I completed the first ten man squad for the Pohlesian project.  All said and done it took about two weeks to accomplish which isn't too bad for me as I'm not a prolific "army painter".  Determining the colour scheme on the character model that proceeded them certainly expedited the process where typically my efforts at painting multiple figures for the first time usually ends with much cursing and a motley of variations.

The old specialist and the sarge
 I'm really happy with the results.  The Perry models are very simple sculpts but I mean that in the most complimentary manner.  The Mordian/Praetorian range to me are a study in economy of excellence.  The choice details are striking with a bold palette but take colours so well they are a joy to paint.  I really enjoy painting intricately detailed single models but confronted with a legion of them I'd rather sell them into slavery and make them someone else's problem (May the Vostroyans serve you well Sean:) ).

I considered squad markings on the hackle but it would have become complicated and disrupted uniformity.
The great downfall of the Praetorians for me were the lack of variety among the heads.  As much as I like painting the uniforms the everyman heads were a bore to paint.  Straight-face, Screamy, and Mr. Beard never felt like enough.  The beard fellow was my favourite because it's choice of colour added a fair bit of mileage suggesting anything from stock trooper to grizzled old timer.  Swapping to the newer Perry plastics opened a door on variety and it didn't feel like sacrilege as much a homage to a classic figure.  Hopefully hardline Praetorian commanders will forgive the mass decapitations and appreciate neglected models are receiving a new lease on life.  Everyone should understand the worth of a fully painted toy soldier ready for war is intrinsically greater than a beaten up "classic" lounging in storage.

I prefer being able to plug the men in anywhere and avoid the listbuilding/recordkeeping.
From paint strip to final presentation the only frustrating task is placing the cap badge.  It seems whenever I produce a nice press mould I immediately misplace it.  That aside the other bugbear remains placing the mold on the curve of the shako.  I have experimented with allowing the cap badge to partially set, fully set and even had a shot at stamping it directly onto the surface in question.  The latter seems the best solution as it gives me some leeway bring the part into position and doesn't involve a tedious bending war and copious minute applications of super glue.

The first trooper and two below are the same figure.
To keep the project rolling I intend to deal with the assembly and conversion of second squad then complete the Graf.  Planning and assembly of a junior officer might get squeezed in there somewhere too or I might play around with INQ28, Dark Eldar or Warhammer Vampire Counts.  Three rotten projects that continuously thwart my efforts at giving them an attractive paint scheme.   

Head swaps and turns should add some diversity.