General Update and Back in Action

trooper, sergeant, Barber Mott
 Well, it's been a while.  All right then.  On to excuses.  Starting a new job is a fairly decent one.  Real life has a strange way of eating hobby but this really isn't the reason.  It all came down to the loss of my favourite green stuff press mould.  It is a very nice piece of kit.  The detail is crisp and for ease of use it's even mounted on a space marine arm that is both functional and stylish.  Sadly it went AWOL and every visit to the hobby table became an exercise in frustration where I would look for it fruitlessly or attempt to make a replacement.  I couldn't find it and the substitutes were pure garbage.  Finally it turned up and suddenly second squad are coming together rather nicely.

WIP squaddies
 Considering the the other tasks associated with getting second squad of the ground it's pretty embarrassing that something so trivial as cap badges caused such a setback.  Second squad was a bit more work than first squad.  I ended up sculpting some parts on a couple of the models.  The Praetorian figures didn't include specialists with plasma guns so this member of the squad needed a weapon swap and a new arm.  The proportions are a bit off but it was passable.  I could have done better and will attempt to in future versions but I really wanted to rush this guys through because of the delays he and his mates have encountered.
Trust me, this is his golden angle:)
 The Weapons team are a copy of a design I saw somewhere on the web.  Because they are a two wound model I wanted to have a member of the crew removable from the large base.  It was really easy to cut a relief in the base to receive the model's base.  Because the large bases have recessed "nubs" a circular cut of plasticard fit into the bottom cleanly and attached to the bottoms of the nubs without poking from the bottom of the base.

I sized the hole before painting:( .  Luckily most attacks will kill these guys outright:).

I also revisited the paint scheme I was running for the vehicles attached to my troops.  I liked the urban camo scheme I gave them but it doesn't fit with the men on the ground.  I think that there are few things more important to overall presence of an assembled army.  It is possible for an army with a host of models of middling paint quality to collectively look better than the sum of it's parts.  Somewhere in the gathering of a war host there is a sense of wonder stolen from any hobbyist who views a unified army.  I don't know why.  That's just the way it is.  I painted a test sentinel in the new scheme.  It is very gaudy and hiding it may prove troublesome but it is more consistent with the identity of the army I am trying to create so I'll go with that.  It remains to be seen how well this scheme will translate to more orthodox AFVs but I cross that bridge when I come to it.
Charge of the Bright Brigade!
 Finally a quick peek at Barber Mott.  The big man is responding well to his first coats of paint.  He has a washed basecoat that is coming along well enough that I like where he is going.  I even put together a sidekick for him in the form on the Tanith Dorden model.  While not so far along the sketchy diminutive old man should be a nice foil for Mott.  With two such pristine angels seeing to to their ailments I can't think the Blue Jackets turn up for sick parade that often.  I'm sure it's a result of the robust constitution of the Pohlesian fighting man. 
Suddenly I feel much better.