Innocence Lost

I'd have been in a bit of a "hobby miasma" for a while now.  No new content on the blog and worse than taking the time to share what I was doing with others I simply haven't been doing anything for myself.

The workbench seems like a stranger.  At some point doing the summer I got wind of the Innocence skirmish game rumours. I was very excited.  Admittedly it seemed to good to be true (An inquisitor based skirmish game releasing with John Blanche inspired models) so it was hardly shocking when this went the way of wishful thinking.

I want to like the existing Inquisitor game but I can not.  I love the setting, the ideas the game presented but the cumbersome "rollplaying" mechanics are anathema to my enjoyment.  Throwing gaggles of dice and disseminating character information worthy of a spreadsheet detracts from a story telling system that in my opinion would be best represented with simple and fluid rules that focus on emulating the feel of reading Abnett, Cornwell or Dumas.

Bereft of the game I want to play I figure I'll try my hand at some game design.  I have been pouring over my collection of specialist skirmish titles, FFG's roleplaying titles and some rousing adventure stories on the way.  What might come of this; Who knows?  If I manage to hash out some ideas I may drop them here.  My hope is for a little cross-pollination to get me to revisit the hobby bench.   


  1. I hear ya! Look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    1. Thanks for checking in. Most recent post is a rough outline of what I have in mind. I followed a link to your own blog; Your art is fantastic! Are you working digitally or transferring your work from conventional media?


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