Blood Bowl Witch Elf

Head on!  The face as a focal point came out clean.  Remainder not so much.
Fresh off a Blood bowl diatribe and still in possession of the witch elf kit I'm supposed to make a penitent from I decided to throw together a new Dark Elf Blood Bowl squad.  My last team was the Kar Karond Corsairs.  I painted them about 10 years ago and time away hasn't made the sculpts or my painting appear any better.  At the time I had a really bad idea about using yellow as a team colour and as a primary colour for a Warhammer Dark Elf army.  The team got painted and played.  The army ended up a terrible lesson that ended in horror and a poor choice of colour was only the first push of a snowball of pure hobby shit.  I have ruined many models attempting ill considered conversions, am guilty of many bad paint jobs but my greatest hobby shame was selling a relatively well painted army to a wargaming troglodyte.  It made me feel like Gepetto might have if he had sold Pinochio to the inmates at a Turkish prison.

Just a few more touchups little guy; the inmates say they want you in lipstick
The Witch Elf was a very simple conversion that involved a weapon snip, a switched up arm and a little GS patch to close some joins I introduced.  The paint feels a bit retro.  I have been away from painting for a bit and feel rusty so I noticed I did some heavy handed layering I could have done without.  I have a blitzer and a test lineman on the bench as well but I really need to finish the penitent.  Having painted this one I think I'm confident enough I can pick out the details that had me putting it off.

Sleek and built for speed unlike the ugly models she is replacing.


  1. Not bad at all. I think that's the first Witch elf conversion I seen that has remained a Witch elf ;)


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