Dark Eldar: Kabal of Fettered Souls test models

Way back when the Dark Eldar were released I picked some up intending to build an army.  They were some of the best looking models I had seen introduced across the ranges in quite some time so I really wanted to pick some up and get started.  You may have noticed that in a year of blogging I have never mentioned them as even a passing interest.  I didn't go well. 

In the last couple days I revisited some of the models and ended up pleased with the results so I thought I'd share the five test models.  I chose a blue into turquoise scheme for the armour and used red and green as spot highlights.  The flayed skin trophies were painted in a warm flesh scheme to contrast the cool armour and the kit was painted in black with some bling accents.  I based the models in a standard gray scheme to accentuate the colours on the models.  I may go back and add a bit of snow there to increase to further the contrast, add a little more "cold" to the armour and make them an opposition force match for the Pohlesians.

The biggest problem I had with these models in the past was precisely applying my line highlights and  apply "warm" contrasts to raised rounded areas that would catch light.  This time around I used a light drybrush over my basecoat to provide a guide coat on the high contrast segments and represent the "spill" of light from a single source above the model.  Don't check the numbers and angles though; This was more going by feel than technical painting.