Songun Kro - Kroot Tracker/Marksman WIP

I've been lurking on the inq28 forums again and duly inspired decided to have another go at a single character.  Up to this point the only completed model I had to show for it was Inquisitor Ney and that was over a year ago.  At some point in building his warband I felt as though I was chasing a cliche: He was potentially becoming a shadow of Eisenhorn.  What I think I should have been doing is building my Inquisitor from his agents: My decisions about his retinue informing the nature of the central character.  Maybe next time.

I decided that Amadeus might have crossed a line philosophically but the circumstances would be much easier to justify than fighting chaos with chaos and more appropriate to a moderate; someone not so easily defined as a radical or a puritan.  Belonging to the Ordos Hereticus Ney has dedicated himself to expunging the enemy within from Imperial society.  To some extent his employment of and relationship with xenoforms would seem beyond the dictates of his higher purpose.  Additionally he would believe that chaos is chaos and any resource or ally beyond it's province is fair game in the persecution of his duties. 

Songun Kro was built from the Kroot plastics kit.  I cut and repositioned some limbs but apart from cleaning up some joins there wasn't much of anything done to the stock model.  I created the pose because I wanted him to look as though he had stopped in the pusuit of some quarry and was scenting or tasting the blood of his prey to gain insight into where they were heading.  He isn't in a terrible rush; the enemy is wounded, leaving a trail and the conclusion of this hunt is as inevitable as death.

Building the model was enjoyable but I'm posting him in his gray plastic glory because I'm not sure how I should paint him.  "Classic" drab green seems a no-brainer but I'm not sure and would like to request some suggestions from someone else.


  1. Nice re-pose for the Kroot. I think you could take a look at what people have done with Kroot outside of regular 40k to get some good ideas for colors. Venusian parrot men, or frog colors or something like that... very bright.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about matching him with Ney but really like your parrot man idea and decided to take him in that direction. I had thought about sculpting some feather adornments but thought it would be a bit much. Once I get his body colours complete I think I will hook him up with some bodypaint. I like the idea of a primal cultural convention used as a means of describing his loyalties to the Inquisition.

  2. The models look great. A nice, dirtied yellow might work. There are a lot of Tyranid models out there that seem to have some nice color blends on the fleshy bits. That may be worth a look.

    We spoke a little while ago about using Squadron Products putty to fill in some gaps. I'm not 100% on how to use Blogger yet, so I figured I'd talk to you on your blog since I couldn't find an e-mail address. The SP Green Putty is extremely foul-smelling. I opened it up for no more than 30 seconds and, an hour later, I am still suffering from the headache of it. It flows a lot better than the SP White Putty, but the flow and consistency do not justify the health hazard. I can definitely see why one would need a mask and ventilation. The SP White Putty has a slight odor, but nothing that will knock you on your rear like the Green.

    Hopefully this helps. My blog and I are always open if you want to discuss anything.

    1. Yeah, that green is foul! I found it so overpowering I was really surprised When you told me how mild the white is. I found it a great compound to work with but had some reservations about "highly recommending" it on account of how nasty it is.

      I like the yellow you are suggesting; I'm thinking an earthy yellow like an ochre for the beak and bone nubs to play against the blues I'm taking from Lasgunpacker's tropical colour suggestion (I took a bright blue from it). Thanks for replying I was hoping for more than one source of input and between the two you both you've pretty much painted the model for me. I should have a start on this this weekend because of your assistance.


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