What's the Story Morning Glory?

Head Taker and Mournin' Glory
 I have been quite busy of late in the hobby department.  I have been trying to get models and terrain built so I can play Frostgrave and This is Not a Test.  Both are skirmish level rule sets that pluck at my love of skirmish and personalized models.  Unfortunately in spite of all these goings on I have been neglecting my blog badly.  I have been posting on Lead Adventures with what I have been up to but there is something to be said for having your own space to present your stuff and maybe even a touch of guilt for not doing so.

Mournin' Glory is a member of my raider band for TNT.  I was scouring Meeplemart trying to find an appropriate model to represent a bad ass close combat lieutenant who the Head Taker would want at his side.  The Taker is a beast I made from a Taban Eden model.  I wanted to do a tribute to Lord Humongous from The Road Warrior and ended up with a result I was happy with that blended in a bit of Hannibal Lector as well.  I envision him as a hulking brute but no moron.  He is an immovable object that grinds his enemies down while driving his minions forward with his imposing presence and baleful stare;  A strong silent type.

Parkinson Amazon
I knew I wanted Glory (at the time nameless) to be a foil or compliment.  Where Head Taker was massive and implacable I wanted his second to be a whirling dervish of nastiness.  I flashed through a series of ranges and ended up hitting the Dark Sword models because I was concurrently trying to find figure for Frostgrave.  I ended up settling on a Parkinson Female Amazon Warrior.

Glory stalking forward.
I was kind of surprised.  As a little beast back in the 80's I couldn't help but appreciate cheesecake armoured babes even  if then they struck me as silly.  In a post apocalyptic setting this works for me.  In the proud tradition of berserkers a near nude frother made sense;  If you can't get your irradiated paws on a tactical vest you might as well wear next to nothing.  Her trunk was also the largest body area I had to work with and I needed to paint a large "X" (or Taker's Cross) there to announce here status in the gang.  I replaced her shield arm with a Wargames Factory Female Survivor's arm.  To finish her paint off I tried to copy a face paint based on a coyote scout model I had always admired and I think I actually pulled it off.  She looks pretty ferocious.

I mass made a lot of 15 desert bases for the project so I'd have them on hand.
The name came to me at some point after I had ordered the model.  I have been trying to introduce Canadian content to the project because it's supposed to take place locally.  I got the name from an old Gordon Lightfoot song; A subtle reference rather than something awful involving crap schooners or lobsters.  Hopefully I will remember to keep the updates coming.  I'd really like to show the desert table or scenery I've been working at; Until next time.. 


  1. Great additional to what is rapidly growing into a very impressive PA collection!

  2. Morning glory looks fantastic. Great fleshtones!

  3. Thanks Greg. I couldn't settle on a range to paint her skin with and was all over place. I think there is some GW base paint in the shadows, with successive layers of reaper rosies and then final highlights with some VMC skin tones.

    1. I don't think anyone uses just one range of paint to paint with. I think on any given day I go between vallejo, GW, secret weapon, and P3.


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