Experiencing Technical Difficulties: Don't Adjust Your Set

Beep. Beep. Beeeeeep!

The blog has been silent for a while and it's not because of a lack of content.  On the contrary the painting area has been much busier in the past few months than it has in quite some time.  I have been converting and painting models for three different game systems, exchanging ideas with other hobbyists on the Lead Adventures Forum and other online venues and to my satisfaction building worlds and creating stories to play all of these games in.  I'm doing everything I enjoy the most about the hobby.  At some point I might even be interested in playing a game or two.

It seems the Void Spaces has been hobby casualty because it's more pleasing to do than document.  With the time I have and the burst of creative animus I have been experiencing I have been making stuff but have done very poorly at sharing it here.  Compounding this problem is my participation on the forums.  It has been much more expedient to take a quick picture on the bench and submit it by way of the forums than to hash out a blog entry that in some cases feels redundant.

This isn't the end by any means.  I simply must commit to completing the articles and posting them here.  I reviewed my post list on the blog board and was surprised that I have a back log of 10 articles drafted that are for the most part complete and waiting to be posted.  It's quite a difference from the roots of the blog where I had no content and was actively working to produce it.  The opposite circumstance has pulled the fire out from under my ass and having my, "hobby needs" covered by way of other sources I haven't had the compulsion to work at this.

One of the first blog entries I did on starting Void Spaces was a work bench show and tell where I shared my hobby space with you the readers.  It's been a few years and for the past week I have been tearing things up to take my space to it's next incarnation.  I just got things put together enough that I was able to start on some ,"This is Not a Test" Peacekeepers that arrived in the mail today.  It felt great to have everything put back together enough that I could actually sit down under the lights and paint some toy soldiers.

The big improvement was the addition of a peg board to my hobby space.  My intention is to suspend my dropper paints across the surface on 8 unit hangers that will allow me to have immediate visual access to the whole of my paint stores.  Few things ruin my hobby fun more than misplacing something I require to continue and project and many modelling sessions have ended abruptly in a string of curses that make a cat blush.  Cats are shameless and realizing you made them blush is quite horrifying.

The hangers are dowel hooked at the ends to seat in the board with 8 wires secured along the length that coil around the droppers and hold them up.  I can arrange them in the hangers with paints that I typically work with progressively and arrange the whole board by values and colour.  The reason I'm so chuffed about this renovation is the modular nature of the new set up.  From now on I will be able to move things around as I introduce new tools or find better places for stuff I already have.  I think that being able to adjust my bench layout on the fly will be a great time saver and allow me to continue growing the space intuitively.

All that text.  Here is what I'm blathering about.