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I painted up a set of Mi-Go that I'd ordered from RAFM.  The models are from the old Grenadier Cthulhulu line that supported the RPG back in the early 80's.  They are fairly simple models and don't measure up to contemporary models in many technical aspects but I thought they had a charm to them just the same.  The oddness of the sculpts lent them their role as an otherworldly horror so I thought they would be an awesome addition to my Strange Aeons collection.

colour reference

I used the above drawing I found on a Mythos wiki as a painting guide.  The depiction seemed a good match to the miniatures so I went with it.  While the beastie looks mostly like an insect the "head" looks like a vile mold or canker.  The heads on the sculpts seem to have gone a bit more bug-like but casting something like that would probably have been a hassle.

I went with a three values of layers after applying some a couple washes over the shade.  It was a pretty simple  that painted up in a couple hours for the pair.  I went with beige and linens for the "head" to give it the yeasty feel from the reference shot rather than trying to make it like a fly or fleshy brain.

When I ordered them I was tempted to pick up Mophidius Mi-Go from their Achtung! Cthulhulu range but the lower price and the classic vibe of these figured appealed to me more.  I really like their range as a whole but the Mophidius figures are more classically shaped than heroic and tall compared to some of the 28mm stuff I have so they wouldn't mesh as well with my models.  At some point I might go whole hog and grab a bunch of those figures and would definitely include their Mi-Go in the lot.


  1. Hey, you've got my interest really piqued about Strange Aeons with your posts, loved the ones about the Egyptian style guy a while back!

    These models remind me of the Playstation game Bloodborne, particularly of the boss Rom the Vacuous Spider! So good

  2. Best two word summary I could give of Strange Aeons would be, "Mythos Mordheim". I'm doing it a disservice being so abrupt so if you'd like to have a look check out a game demo here;

  3. Delightfully squamous and gibbous!


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