Strange Aeons: Heroes Coast to Coast

My recent Strange Aeons posts have involved filling out the ranks of my nefarious lurkers collection and poor Captain Reid has found his sanity tested at the prospect of facing all of these horrors alone.  For the welfare of our stalwart hero and to balance things out a bit I finished up three prospective C.O.R.D. agents who might join the fray against the dark forces,

The inventor and martial artist are both Reaper model from their Chronopia line.  I really appreciate the range as it's robust selection of models spans anywhere from cowboys to outer space and is loaded with characterful possibilities.  I based both models on rounds but painted the pair stock.  The big brute is a Malifaux Mr. Graves.  I don't know much about Malifaux but their plastic kits are pretty sweet.  If I ever decided to play a Steampunk setting I know where I'd be looking for the majority of my cast.  I added a slouch cap, cut away the board he had in hand and put a Thompson I got from CMON into his meaty paw before painting him up.

Liu Lei is a first generation Chinese Canadian born in Vancouver, BC around the turn of the century.  Her father who immigrated from China is a wealthy and dangerous man who was able to bring his bride from the old country after establishing himself in Canada.  Born into a hidden empire of vice she was groomed to be Old Liu's enforcer and heir.  The reasons for her break from her Father's organization remain unclear.  Reid knows nothing of Lei but her fearsome prowess so the mysterious dragon lady keeps her secrets. 

From Upper Canada comes Desmond Mayberry, an engineering prodigy recently graduated from the University of Toronto.  His consulting work with the National Research Council towards the end of the Great War brought him to the attention of the Department and he was brought to the Light House by the Prime Minister's recommendation.  Mayberry's unorthodox knack for invention and his easygoing nature make him a good fit for a disparate group faced with such nebulous foes.

The Scotian Ox made a name for himself as a bareknuckle boxer while still in his teens.  A giant of a man he was banned from further participation in the burgeoning sport when he killed a man in a bout.  Brutal and slow witted Viv has made his way in the world by broad back or in darker moments with his brutal fists.  He served in the Great War under Reid and acted as his sergeant through much of the conflict.  After the armistice he fell into his baser ways lamenting the joy of the war where his fellows admired him for killing.  Because of his implacable nature and perhaps to save his soul Reid recruited Campbell to C.O.R.D. personally.   


  1. Thanks Gordon. I found my way to your blog via your profile so I have lots of new stuff to peruse. I've been meaning to check out Pulp Alley for ages and that Rogue Star announcement you posted....Too many hobby temptations :).

  2. Absolutely love the look of the guy in the middle. Very nice, as is your whole blog!!

    1. Thanks so much :) . I've been asleep at the wheel here and really have to release some new content :( . It's so much easier just to post to Facebook groups and the LA forums. I have a lot of content in progress I just have to put the finishes on each of them.


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