Moving Forward: The Plan for 2017

Like most years 2016 meant that I neglected this blog.  Nothing new though but usually when I have had long spells of no posts I have also let my painting and modelling fall by the wayside as well; This wasn't the case.

My favorite monster of the Nova wastelands
Other than a break during the summer I was churning out painting and modelling projects like a reasonably maintained, if ponderous machine.  Across multiple genres it doesn't seem to amount to much but as I look at the accumulation of models in the done pile I'm starting to have some concerns about storage solutions.  I love wasting money on new minis and models, paint and modelling tools but having to lose that budget to storage systems seems a terrible waste.

I ordered then painted these for my nieces Christmas gift.  They are playing D&D with their Dad and having lots of fun.

I painted things for This is Not a Test,  Frostgrave, an as yet undetermined Old West game, Bolt Action, Strange Aeons and at the end of it all I even managed to get a start on some Malifaux models. The upgrades I had done to the work area turned out to be very helpful.  Although it wasn't used as I had intended something Darwinian was at work and things congealed in an organic manner.  If I can't be organized at least I can make the bench do it for me. 

I would like some more airbrush paints.

My favorite new hobby tool for this year is probably the Vallejo air range of paints.  I picked up a flesh kit to try out and have been really happy with the results.  I'm more an old fart painter than a CMON/NMM/OSL/??? painter so the thinned airbrush paints allow me to paint by layering but build surfaces with blended/semi-translucent finishes.  In future I would like to pick up a white and black and try those out as well.

My pick of the litter for 2016.  Best test outside of my skill sets.

My favorite project for the year is probably the Bugatti I just posted.  It got my unilateral, dictatorial approval because it was a new challenge.  I painted a some new subjects this time around but all the painting remained familiar.  Scratch-building is something very new to me and I had a lot of fun messing around with it.  I am planning some new modelling projects because of this in the new year.

Statues for Frostgrave

Speaking of which and getting to the title; What is the plan for this year?  I want to be more accountable for my hobby budgeting.  I have watched other bloggers with a mix of awe and horror as they divulge their model purchases and hobby output for the year.  I'm going to do that too.  Everything currently in the lead pile is in the amnesty box and will never be counted  as models purchased (I am good with them reported as painted but that's the perk of creating your own challenge).

Genie for Frostgrave Genie in a Bottle scenario.

I intend to play some games.  What?  Yeah, me playing games of...something.  In the near future I should be getting into a Frostgrave campaign with friends so that is different.  I hope to have some fun and to use the gaming sessions as a springboard for developing narratives for my casts of little people.

First 2E Malifaux models painted.  If I get the crew done someone will teach me how to play.

This year is going to be a good year for terrain.  I will make one 3x3 tables worth of terrain for at least one game system that interests me before the clock hits 2018.  I don't think it too extravagant a goal but with my track record I need to strive for the attainable.

The usual cocksuckers for the Old West project.

Lastly I should be doing more with Void Spaces.  My contributions fell by the wayside badly as I joined some hobby groups on Facebook as well as posting on Lead Adventures.  It all felt redundant.  As I tried to justify the neglect I came up with the excuse that formulating a report is more labour intensive and I get more views on FB and the forums any way.  My mandate here was never about any of that.  This is supposed to be a selfish blog where I can put all my treasures and pad them grandiose write ups so everyone (mostly me) knows how awesome they are.  This, but not really.  To anybody who does read my blog and enjoys what ever it is I'm doing here thank you for bearing with it and having a gander in spite of how irregular it has been.  My goal for this year is to post more entries in 2017 than any other year of Void Spaces.  Nothing too crazy;  I've done it before and only need to hit about 20 posts.

PA, Zombie gate system WIP (unfinished like most of my terrain :( )

That's enough commitments in one year of hobby;  I'd like to be able to accomplish them all and still be able to share a surprise or two.  Thanks for checking in and hope you have a fine year in and outside of hobby.      


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