Seventh Mark for the Glorious Eighth

Once I got wind of a new Kill Team release I got interested in returning to my Night Lord project.  Last year I built a couple "true scale" models but it was a labour and cost intensive.  I had to cobble together a mash of kits that didn't really want to cooperate one another.  This latest project is the seventh major change in the way I have gone about building my favorite legion, the most aesthetically pleasing to my eye, and beyond any other quality the easiest assembly to date.

This kit is easily stripped and modified.  Worst thing I found with truescale was consistency.  Problem solved.

I'd been meaning to pick up a set of Primaris Intercessors for a while and the incoming skirmish title was reason enough to pony up.  It's a great kit.  The figures have a very clean aesthetic that makes them fantastic basis for conversions.  The models I built last year came with a lot of baroque ornamentation (Chaos GWAR stuff) that looks impressive but doesn't fit my vision of stripped down Night Lord vets.  The Primaris plastic's clean armour can be embellished or carved down to resemble most marks of marine armour with ease;  I'm not touching mk 3 legs.  It was very little effort to sand and reshape components and make some small revisions with some green stuff.

First model almost built.  I moved the helmet to belt because mag lock or no it looked silly.

Having already praised the quality of the armour, the poses deserve a mention as well.  They went out of their way to produce more natural body positions.  It looks like there is weight lies properly, with a cant of the hip or a bend of a knee looking natural and convincing.

More Night Lords.  Ignore that loyalist on the left.

I've made up four Night Lords so far.  Each member of the kill team is a generic bolter hefting trooper, but rather than all looking painfully similar the variety of bits and and alternate positions make each of them a characterful addition to my foundling kill team.  I've scavenged parts from other marine kits and they are a perfect fit from helmets to paudrons.  If I had a regret it's that this kit wasn't released years ago and I'd already made so many ugly true scale marines.

Brothers of the eight getting midnight clad.


  1. These look great. I think the request for true scale marines has been finally listened to with the Primaris marines.

    I do wonder however if we will see the same size thing happen with other armies.

    1. I think this was a conscious decision rather than another case of scale creep. Loyalist and traitor marines are supposed to tower over most other denizens of the 40k universe. The stubby marines always struck me as something that needed fixing. I could do without the Primaris story that "justifies" them I'm not going to rage quit because hey replaced my toys. I am always ready to run away when I see cooler models or neat ideas elsewhere, but those (like a lot of recent kits ) look sharp. I might even get around to picking up a copy of new Blood Bowl today.


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