A Foray into INQ28

Before I started Void Spaces I had been lurking about the hobby blogs and forums.  My favorite is probably the Ammo Bunker.  There are a number of contributors who post their Inquisitor28 projects, share a sector of their own devising and play cooperative story driven games on some of the most amazing terrain I have ever seen.  I'd also managed to pick up Pariah and the long awaited reunion with Eisenhorn  was further cause to start an Inq28 project of my own.

I decided to use a Warhammer Witch Hunter as the base model.  I might have simply duplicated Eisenhorn himself but I wanted something a bit more challenging and was really taken by a model the one of the Bunker posters had presented with a powdered wig.  It gave the model a singular presence.  It had so many connotations of power and authority and channeled a 40k aesthetic that permeates the art but is sometimes lost in the translation to miniature.

I had snapped the finecast belt from his stormcoat and had to replace it with GS

Another view dominated by the GS patch :(. 

 I cut away half of his head and ended up removing his arms.  When I picked up the model I thought I'd do less but I kept going back to the image of Eisenhorn and his staff and wanted Inquisitor Ney to have one as well.  The other debt he owes to Gregor is his simple dress and subdued paint scheme.  I imagined him as a figure who usually travelled incognito and wasn't fond of ostentious displays of his office.  I also decided to present him in a non combative posture.  His right hand is extended displaying his rosette in a prelude to hell breaking loose.

I have been working on a retinue for Ney and would like to share them as well in the future.  I'd also like to create a sector of space somewhere in the Segmentum Obscurus so I can have a wonderful sandbox for my own imagined histories.  Thanks to Commissar Molotov, Fulgrim, Neil 101 and the Spiky Rat Pack (and any of the other contributors to their projects I missed) for their inspiration although I hope they aren't reading this this because I'd feel like an awkward fan boy.


  1. Uh-oh...

    Seriously though, a really fantastic conversion. I'm now going to begin going through the rest of your blog...

    1. Thanks,

      Now I feel like an awkward fan boy but I'm glad to hear you liked Inquisitor Ney. The blog is quite new so the content is light but growing.

    2. I found pictures of this model on the Death Squads forum (since posting here) and was taken by how much the model is improved with higher-resolution photographs. Please consider using larger pictures on the blog! I (and I'm sure others too) enjoy poring over every microscopic detail of a conversion.

  2. Hi Horridperson. Very cool painting and modelling skills. Can I suggest you put up the followers application so that I (and others who have been very impressed by your work) can become your followers? It'll make things easier for those of us to keep track of your projects and updates.

    It's the google friend connect followers application, I think. Send an email to brian@leadlegion.com if you have any trouble finding it. It should help to increase your visitor traffic.

  3. The follower gadget is up and running thanks again for the advice.


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