About Turn! Direction of Pohlesian Infantry

Present WIP Infantry mock-up
I've been doing some thinking about how I might convert models for the Guard project I'm been playing around with.  Above is what I've managed to come up with.  While I'm not entirely displeased with the result it falls short of what I might have hoped to achieve.  It best to say with the resources I have available to me it is the best I can do.  I don't think that it's good enough.

This is where I want to be

The above drawing is more in line with the models I'd like to field.  I'd kicked around the idea of a military that had been modernized but it was something of a justification so I could utilize cadian components that I have a fair stash of.  It had been my intention to create a hybrid from the parts and Perry plastics.  I would like to use more of the Perry parts but the differences in scale make a a more equitable fusion rather ugly.  The more I considered it I realized that the death korps forge world models are of a much closer proportionally and would mate up perfectly.  The conversion work would be minimal:
  •  Head removal and Perry replacement
  • Sculpt epaulettes for the shoulders and guard insignias onto the shakos
  • Possibly some frogging or other embellishment for senior NCMs and officers. 

Not bad, just not particularly good.

On the contrary I think that the prospect has become far more interesting and appealing.  I have a more than a couple models apart from line infantry squads to paint so there is no shortage of subjects.  I have considered converting up a couple squads of veterans to represent auxiliary units from other worlds in the Onomastii Sector.  Switching the design back allows me to "turn back the clock" on the Pohlesians imagined history to a disgraced military under the direct command of the Commisariat.  I like the armour I've done up so far as is.  It was probably requisitioned from a more modernized world to bring the Pohlesians up to speed.  The finished army should be a snapshot of the army during the Beaumain Schism.  I'm actually looking forward to this project more than I was.

Ogryn Bone'ead auxiliary: 3rd Gholan Ogryn Kommando


  1. Love it. Those Napoleonic style heads look great. I thought you might have to do more work on the Cadian bodies to make them compatible but they look fantastic as they are.


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