Old Soldiers part 3- The poster child

Ding! Ding! Here comes the Shit-Mobile!
I have a sentinel that is probably the most unfortunate of all the models marked for the Junkyard project.  Neither infantry or AFV it stands apart from the other models I visited but holds a more inglorious distinction.   I had to get a photo of this one up as it best represents the transitions my guard collection has experienced over the years and is without doubt the most long suffering piece in my imperial guard collection.  This first photo is another beast entirely and even my butchered sentinel doesn't look this awful (maybe).

Ding! Ding!  Again only worse!!
Back in the day the Tirnov 9th had sentinel support.  The squadron was composed of the rather unfortunate "car-thing with legs" mk 2 sentinel.  When the first incarnation of the plastic sentinel dropped I defended their appearance.  I may be guilty of using the "classic" model defence here but it was lie of convenience.  I had painted three of those pewter turds and was damned if I'd have to replace them.  Just the same I picked one up one of the plastic kits and set to work.  The poor victim has a red right foot as a consequence.

 Speaking of red feet those things were heavy.  As time went on at least one cleared a gaming table and landed on mine.  The physical pain was a joke.  The frustration of frankensteining one back together was agony.  Furthermore by 2002 these things looked even stupider and the hybrid steel legion sentinels had dropped and actually looked quite nice.  The main hull of this sentinel sports the interim cam pat that was the final nail in the 9th Tirnov painting project.  Two unfortunate sentinels bore this paint scheme on their hulls before the guard were retired and I turned to chaos and the Night Lord legion.

In all it's glory?

If I thought the ancient sentinel was a homely piece of work words escape me when I try to wax loquacious on the metal chaos dreadnought.  If 40k had anything that compared to the fantasy "majesty" of Nagash it was this this.  I'm only mentioning this because it relates to the next indignity inflicted on this poor sentinel.  Both of It's legs were sacrificed so that a less ugly dreadnought might live.  Unfortunately I don't have a photo because it recently was cannibalized for a return to the imperial fold.  Somewhere along the way parts of the left left were MIA so it is currently sporting a scratch-built prosthetic.

The last mismatched component links it to the Bradenvoss 812.  The front plate bears the grey cam pattern I'd selected for that regiment.  I swapped it in replacing the pewter plate to standardize the appearances of what will be the heavy and light variants of sentinels in the new force.  I had some spare components from the newest sentinel kits and was able to eliminate the rest of the pewter parts that shipped with the old models.

This model is a real disaster but salvage has been one one of the driving forces behind this project.    With a new coat of paint bringing the disparate elements back together even this beast should be able to earn some hobby redemption.   

Chicken with a comb-over?  Nothing a bit of paint won't fix