Stand and Deliver! WIP

I was listening to too much Adam Ant: The rest is filler

Back when I made the INQ28 post concerning Inquisitor Ney I'd mentioned his that I'd been working on his henchmen.  It had slipped my mind for a while so I thought I'd remedy that with a study of and work in progress of Ramiro Hofgen.  I'd liked the idea board format I'd adopted for Cosca so I thought I's stick with it.  

  •  The first spark of the character stems from Abnett's Eisenhorn.  As Gregor considered Pontius Glaw he lamented his fall to chaos.  The inquisitor concluded that in a different life they might have been the best of friends.
  • The name Hofgen belongs to Klaus Mann's character from Mephisto.  The suggestion of dealing with devils felt right and less blatant than a Faustian neon sign.
  • The board was loaded with rake and dandy images.  From as early as the 17th century to Adam Ant and the Gentlemen Bastards of Scott Lynch.  I don't know if this effectively suggests the charm danger I had hoped to channel but I wanted a character with a tricorne hat and it pretty much sealed the deal.
As I was looking for a concept a friend was throwing around the idea of a Dark Heresy campaign.  I wrote a data slate entry that suggested a character conception that was based on the ideas I'd been considering for the model.  I'm not sure if it's on or not but with a single name alteration Inquisitor Ney was in receipt of an orphan of questionable pedigree.

A rather delicate matter but the Inquisition still should spellcheck
 In my minds eye I had a very clear picture of what I wanted visually so I had a rummage through the models to see what I could cobble together.The big elements were Sigvald's head and a second Commisar Gaunt body that I had lying around.  I had some ribbed arms from an empire model and fitted him with a slender blade and pistol.  My favourite element in the build is the hat and the only piece I can claim to have brought to the composition.  It consolidated the rakish mien I wanted the model to epitomize and was a tip of the hat (ho. ho.) to the retro-renaissance-futurist (can I say that?) artistry that makes the 40k universe so wondrous to me.

A dangerous man who's already cost the Imperium a Commissar.
The arms are pretty awful and I'm still of a mind to revisit them.  The wrist on the sword is nasty and I'm wondering if I made a rapier from a needle if I could do better.  I liked the sword but the rotton wrist may have been too much of a concession.  I'm happy I don't like where the paint is going under the circumstances.

Hey look at me- on second thought

The basecoat is yet to be laid down in a couple of locations because I don't have a clear picture of what colours I should be using.  I'm sold on a dark cloak and hat but pants, sash and sleeves are turning out to be a nightmare.  I went at it with vibrant Napoleonic colours in mind but didn't consider where I would place them carefully enough.  Compond poor colour choices with some poor construction practices I think I may have to strip him do some build revisions and start the paint process again.  As frustrating a prospect as that is I'm confident I could do it a better service.  I could use some opinions and criticisms on this one.

Poor guy, this isn't going so well.

I'm actually pleased to making a post like this.  I'm not going to skirt a poor result and attempt to lead you to believe that all of my projects have decent results.  I set out with the intention of documenting my hobby rather than showing what I consider to be my pick of the litter.  Here's to steering the course!