Guard Medic/ INQ28 Chiurgeon WIP

You want hugs an all I got is drugs.

I like it best when a model does all the work and just seems to come together in your hands.  This was one of them.  The base figure is a Reaper Barkeep.  He was from a blister of three townsfolk I picked up at a LGS a while back.  GW doesn't have too many thickset models in their range and this guy was impossible to pass up.  As a stock figure he oozed character.  He was taking a rag to a stein he had in hand.  I'd carved him down a bit more than I might have needed to for this conversion.  I'd considered really cutting him up and turning him into a 40k noble (really cool painting from FFG product) and got about halfway through the chopping and had a change of heart.  The lower part of the body was a bit of a stumbling block because I would had to have cut him in half or dremel the hell out out of his apron.

Decent view of his new ear and one of the muttonchops

The character as he is now is either a serving guard vet or a transplant to the service of an inquisitor.  He is a big man going to seed and if not the most agile fellow probably still a strong and hard old bastard.  What singles him out is his skills as a field medic.  By the look of him his bedside manner is probably pretty sorry but his years in the field probably make him nonplussed under fire while people are screaming about being on the wrong end of a bolter round.  He also has some knowledge of interrogation techniques and has never had compunctions about causing trauma or loosening tongues with the contents of his med satchel.

Some med supplies and a sidearm round out his kit.

I added a Perry cap to the crown to tie him into his parent regiment and fitted in a set of syringe arms from a plastic Catachan medic.  The med satchel/bonesaw and holstered sidearm likely came from the same kit.  Once the parts were in place I filled the dodgy joins arms to trunk and did some green stuff damage control on the rest of the model.  I had been thinking about hooking him up in a powdered wig for his previous life as a noble and had removed his hair, ears and parts of his apron.  I filled them back in and gave him some chops to really make him part of the Pohlesians.  He came together fast and I'm really looking forward to putting some paint on him.  I has meant to start playing around with a junior officer but I'll get back to it at some point.


  1. A real character - in the truest sense of the word!

  2. Very nice, and I agree with Molotov, he has a lot of character.

    The figure also reminds me how much I hate those Reaper bases!

  3. Awesome work. Really loving this dude.
    I wish GW would make more bulky figures like this one.

    1. Me too. There is a whole part of the narrative missing when models of this sort aren't included in the range. While action heroes are nice it's those unappreciated character actors who bring a story to life.

      Fortunately GW released the rather "rubinesque" plastic nurgle champ and that model has been a popular choice across multiple demon competitions. Hopefully they will pick up on the raw character a piece like this exudes and try some more less than idealized body types.

  4. Fantastic. I really love the whole idea and execution. I'm particularly interested to see that the Perry shako can be fitted to other "28mm" heads.

  5. The Perry shakos are true 28s but they seem to mate convincingly with any of the heroics I've tried them on. Between the scales the real killer are the disproportionate hands and linebacker shoulders even joe average is gifted with as a heroic.

    I picked up the Perry plastics a couple years back and had intended to mix them up with cadian looked terrible. I stumbled on the current guard project entirely by accident but I suppose that's the best part of the hobby journey.

    If anyone has been following this inactive blog since my last post my apologies. New content and pathetic excuses to come in the next two days. I promise.


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