Penitent WIP part 2

Broken doll

I put a basecoat on the penitent.  Nothing more than than blocking out some colours to get the canvas rolling.  I wasn't sure where I was going with the skintone and honestly I don't think I'm there yet.  I'd considered a healthier pallor but the background I've been throwing around isn't rooted in clean and healthy living.  I like the face at this early stage.  The chalky complexion, hollow eyes and malformed scalp brought an eerie porcelain doll to mind.  I like the allusion to a broken or discarded thing.

Good view of the facial studs.

This profile gives a nice view of a couple changes I made since the last entry.  Repositioning and replacing the left arm improved the figure.  Alexander had commented on the very dark eldar arm and I had to agree.  The different angle of the replacement still has both pistols at the ready but repairs the ugly lines I had created with the first build.  I added studs to both to both cheeks.  rather than a single nail through the tongue a skewer transfixes the tongue and provides a hanger for the parchment inside the mouth.

Hopefully detailing will improve the brown lumpen mass.

I didn't make any serious changes to the collection of skulls on the model's back.  I'd considered making it look as though they had been wired to one another and to the back but got lazy and decided to leave it be after shaving an odd looking rope or two  They are held to her back by artistic licence.  Hopefully I will complete the paint shortly and post a finished model and a character sketch for Aemlia.


  1. Looking good! She's got boxer ears :)

    If you also posted her on the Bunker I'm sure you'd get more feedback...


    1. I could lie and attribute her ears to rough living but my sculpt was a bit messy; fortunately it fits with her character conception. Once I get her done I'll start a proper thread in the Bunker forums.

    2. I like those ears! Fits with her life in the ministorum, it ain't easy there ;)



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