Penitent WIP

Arms I added look terrible side on but the model's natural profile is worth photographing

 I was really taken in by the models Jeff Vader had posted recently on his own site and on the Inq28 forums at The Ammo Bunker.  The Warhammer Witch models are both graceful and dynamic and my green hobby monster was compelled to grab a kit and see if I could manage anything so amazing as he had.

The cranial plug and a nasty scar

 I chose a Penitent as the subject.  Most of the inspiration came from a Dave Gallagher drawing depicting a shorn penitent with a cranial implant and a pile of skulls on her back.  The character was wielding a blade.  I remembered an image John Blanche had created of a Penitent with a pistol and decided to go that route.
The plasticard hanging from her mouth will be a painted as parchment.  Hopefully my freehand can convincingly script it

I like where the model went but wish I had smaller small arms at hand.  On the first build I had used twin bolt pistols that were ridiculously oversize.  Not yet painted but already a smiter of heretics; two cultists had to die so she could get more reasonably sized kit.  I hope to get some paint on this one pretty soon.  If I could get some comments/criticisms before the primer coat goes on and the build is set in stone that I'd be much obliged.


  1. Really good work! As for nitpicking, the skulls have rope on them and you could use greenstuff to tie them together. The arms could use some work to make them less eldar. The parchment needs a nail to stick it to her tounge \ lips.

    she looks really great, this are just small ideas.

    Are you on the Bunker?


    1. You are right about the arms and skulls still being a bit off. I think I will put a cloth wrap over the forearm. The other arm is bare and topped with a hellion shoulder pad. Some spiky things are a good thing but the segmented clearly xenos component should be switched out.

      The parchment was a bit of an agony. The drawing I was following appears to have a skewer piercing that runs through the cheeks. I considered representing it but anything I had on hand seemed too clunky. I could try to place tiny "bulbs" of greenstuff to represent the ends of the barbell. It's a matter of introducing a piece that is noticeable and identifiable but not so large as to look dumb and awkward. I'll give it a shot.

      The bunker? Of course; It's where I get "my" best ideas:). I always look, occasionally comment although I don't have a thread because posting twice seems redundant when I can drop stuff here.

  2. Nice! Glad to be an inspiration!

    Just add a thin sliver of plastic rod or the tip of a spear or something like that to represent a nail on the parchment. That usually works...


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