'13 In Review and Looking Into '14

Goblyn ,The  Great Satan: Wrecker of Daddie's Toys.
Just before the New Year arrived "Void Spaces" had it's first anniversary.  Whether it had or not I suppose there should have been some kind of obligatory evaluation associated with the arrival of 2014 and a "plan" for the year on the horizon.  I knew down deep inside I wouldn't complete any projects.  I'm prone to distraction and if another idea doesn't magically have more appeal then I'm probably off on hiatus because a bad brush pissed me off or Goblyn decided my work space required "renovations" (read: pet project of the moment is pitched to the deck and spectacularly reduced to smithereens).  In spite of this over the course of the year I managed to produce some figures I was happy with and reduce if not eliminate my "hobby deficit"; the golden mean being painting as many miniatures as I purchase.  I'm still not there yet but like to think I'm getting better.

Grenadier of the St. Tigran Battalion
 The Pohlesians are slowly getting painted.  I just stripped a few more old models and am readying them for conversion.  I think I'll paint them in demi-squads because I prefer painting five models at a time rather than ten.  I think this will make the painting less daunting and allow me to have a balance between individual attention to models while not falling into the trap of trying to paint a guard army one model at a time.  I've tried.  It never works.   Pick of the litter went to Field Marshal Zukas.  He was a lot of fun to convert and paint and allowed me to better establish the overall character of the regiment in my head.  Still incomplete but in progress are the Spec Ops of the St. Tigran Batallion and a squad of Pohlesian Hussars.
Monochrome vs. Rifle regiments bright colours reflects their all business attitude.

My last post detailed a small terrain piece I'd put together for the guard.  This year I want to build a 4x4 table.  I'm not 100% sure what I want to do but I'm leaning toward an urban medieval set up that would be suitable for a game of Mordheim or an Inquisitor adventure on a Feudal world.  In either case I'm interested in building something that is quite small and suitable for story driven adventures.  If I could get hold of some Empire of the Dead models I'd be sure to include some sort of Victorian bent.
Mordheim Vampire WIP: Hanne von Carstein
 Speaking of Mordheim I really want to play it again.  I have some models from the old range and think that many of the models released for various fantasy armies over the years are wonderful replacements for the uglier ones.  There are some fan made rules out there that address some of the mechanics issues that hurt the game so it might be worthwhile to check some of them out.  If I complete the Undead warband I am working on at the moment I just might get around to jumpstarting my never happening Vampire Counts army.  I do really like some of the models but painting regiments of 25 or more similar models is one of the most painful things I could imagine doing with a brush excluding jamming it into bodily orifices.
7TV+Witchfinder General= Captain Kronus?
I wouldn't mind finding some Pike and Shotte models and grabbing a copy of Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation.  It would be pretty easy to adapt the multi purpose 4x4 I'm considering to create a House of Hammer style vampire hunter game.  Maybe just the models because I have copies of 7TV and 7ombie TV that might work better for the vibe I want.  Maybe more tongue and cheek than grimdark for a change.