Kabal update 2: Wyches and Hellion test model

I managed to get some wyches and a hellion test model completed.  I was having a lot of difficulty with the wych suits both units were wearing.  In my last DE post I mentioned the problems I'd encountered over saturating the models with highlights.  It may not be perfect but I'm happy with the result; A balance between the too dark and too bright that I'd struggled with.

As I finished up the new models I went back and added some GW technical effects blood to everyone's bladed implements.  Blood For the Blood God is a single application product that looks pretty good for it's ease of use.  It is semi-translucent allowing the painted surface beneath the effect to be partially visible.  It has limited body but coaxing a dripping effect out of it would probably be a challenge.  I have a Tamiya red gloss I've been meaning to try out so I could do a comparison but took the lazy way out.  It's worth mentioning I dullcoted all the models so any gloss effects have negated.

As the project progresses I'm probably going to go back and add some snow to the bases.  I think the whites will compliment the skin tones and accentuate the blue-green body armour.  While I'm at this I'll break out a pot of gloss varnish and hit some of the surfaces that should be wet or shiny.  Once I've laid down the snow I'd like to add some lines of red across the snow for a little arterial spray.  I'm hoping it won't look too over the tops; Comments and crits quite welcome.

Not a good detail shot but yes I did paint 15 of these before I needed to paint something different!