Coming in from the Cold

Has it really been over a year?  I've really been neglecting this blog even worse than the hobby that spawned it.  I could provide excuses in a weighty wall of text but I let it go at, "I'm sorry" and simply accept responsibility for being so neglectful.

I'm motivated largely by the IDEA of playing games.  I don't actually have that much interest in playing but when a shiny hobby carrot flashes before my eyes I find it hard to disregard it.  It's been a while since something really grabbed me hard by the imagination and pulled me back to the hobby table but here it is; Frostgrave.

I'm a huge fan of Mordheim and still have fond memories of playing in the local game shop (which is on the other side of the country) at the turn of the millennium.  The game was perfect for me.  The small scale of the game allowed me to lavish detail on a small cast of characters and steadily fed me an evolving narrative that made me want to play again and see what would happen next.

It looks like Osprey Publishing has teamed with Northstar Miniatures to create just such a game.  The majority of reviews seem favorable and by and large suggest a game one might like if they enjoyed the D&D delving of yore.  Awesome.  I missed a Nickstarter program that would have hooked me up with a mountain of sweet gaming swag along with the core miniatures and treasures because the campaign wasn't accepting Paypal but intend to pick up the rules and whatever else attracts my attention in the near future.

At present the damage is already done.  I've been searching through a small mountain of forlorn lead, metal and plastics to find appropriate forces to play from my existing collection of models.  It's really been refreshing to revisit models that I wouldn't have a place for in games I've considered playing.  While Northstar has built a small range to get the game going they are encouraging outsourcing models to play with.

I've also realized I need a city for my intrepid adventurers to explore so I've started playing around with  some, "proof of concept" terrain modules.  In the coming weeks I will try to document some of what I am up to and see if I can actually develop some nice hobby content to get this blog back under way.  Happy gaming and if you are like me happy muddling and procrastinating.