This is Not a Test: Buzzkill Complete

Buzzkill's arm revision and paint went pretty well.  I didn't drench her face in blood because it was a bit too over the top and in order to pull off the goggles keeping eyes clean effect I'd have to dirty up the goggles.  The reflection I managed on the goggles is rather dubious so I think any spatter would damage the effect even further.  I gave her an orange saw because Husqvarna is my favorite.  I worked with a husky pretty similar to the one Buzzkill has in miniature.  I painted white streaks in her hair as a nod to 80's WASP (I think I mentioned something about that in the WIP post).  I plan to seal the model soon and then hit her vinyl outfit and goggles with a high gloss.

I think the effects I was happiest with were the wash nylons with holes and the spatter of blood on her limbs.  Good result or bad Buzzkill's face was fun to paint.  I have been very impressed by the character and quality of the Dark Sword miniatures that I have been painting recently.  I find that the pre cast cuts and joins don't fit together very well though.  


  1. Awesome job. Love the fun in this paint job. Laughed at the butt check X's.

  2. Great mini - I think you've definitely achieved what you were after at the outset.
    She looks great!


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