Buzzkill: WIP

dryfit chainsaw arm.

Buzzkill is the next Taker to come together.  I should be working on the rank and file but I really wanted to play with a chainsaw wielding nutter so here we are.  Buzzkill began her life as a "Female Goth Warrior" from Dark Sword.  It's supposed to be in the style of Larry Elmore but I don't really remember him painting a subject quite like this but..... thanks to the powers of the internet here we are.

The chrome dragon with pipes coming out it's ass and real corinthian dragon leather saddle bags was in the shop.
It's a pretty dumbass painting but the miniature sold me on the facial expression and the goggles.  Unfortunately the model is a giant.  She has platform shoes that would make every member of KISS cry with jealousy and I think her legs constitute almost 70% of her total height.  She had to take one for the team.  As interesting as the model looked she towered over Head Taker and made the rest of the crew look like little people.  I think that funny looking thing slung over her shoulder is a wand/staff thing but I'm not sure.

Something about that sneer makes me think of Blackie Lawless.  Maybe "Chainsaw Charlene"
I cut the platforms from her shoes and and cut off her boots at the cuffs.  I removed 2mm below the knee on each leg then pinned her legs back together.  She is probably a full 5mm shorter than she was and while  stillimposing doesn't diminish the other Takers.

Hopefully this will work.

 I removed both of her arms and replaced then with wargames factory survivor arms.  When I first imagined the model I wanted her to be double handing the saw but the angles weren't cooperating  and the guy who sculpted the chainsaw can't have been around many saws in real life.  On top of the saw there appears to be a safety/cutout switch but it doesn't look like there is a proper overhand handle.  At the moment this pose looks stupid but bear with me.  This vignette is post massacre.  Buzzkill smile joyfully as she works a rag over the bloody teeth of her saw ensuring her prized possession is well maintained.  I want to contrast the state of the cleaned saw against her gore spattered front and face;  I am also hoping to do a tan line in the clean area around her eyes from where her goggles were in place.  The dopey wand carrier on her back would make an excellent carrier for some saw files in a roll of oil cloth.  I could leave her left hand as is and have the bloddy rag in it or cut the hand at the wrist and have her working the rag across the teeth.  What would you do?

Better safe than sorry.  I'll sculpt in the joins and call it done :) .
 Last minute edit.  This model is painfully thin even if she is quite tall.  I'd be amazed if I had more than .02 mm clear of arm left from where I've hollowed them in order to sink my pins.  As I said before I'm not a huge fan of the saw but I managed to shift the left arm sufficiently that it suggests she is holding it.  If I keep playing with this I'm going to have one of those unfortunate situations where I breach the arm or jam the bit through one of my fingers.  I'm happy enough with this.


  1. I think you've made her look quite natural and dynamic actually - nice work!
    Can you use a thinner base to help reduce her relative height too? That might help her fit in

    1. The only body area I still feel seems out of sync is the head but I think that might be the result of Elmore's "Eighties Lady" mane. The crown of her head still falls beneath Head Takers eye level so I think she should be all right. If Glory were standing upright rather than stalking they would be of similar height

  2. Such a great facial expression. Arm positioning looks great! I like the final pose better. One handing a chain saw would be pretty difficult when it's the entire length of her arm.

    1. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to painting the her face; I thinks it's the model's most intriguing feature and I have a few effects I want to try there as well.

      I agree the initial pose ended up being a bit of of a bust. I liked the story pose idea but, "two hands on saw=business" is understood universally.


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