Frostgrave: Days of High Adventure

I finally got around to completing my first model for Frostgrave;  I've been putting most of my hobby time into This is Not a Test so progress in Felstadt has been pretty slow; Even for me.  Unfortunately this model didn't factor into any of my plans but it's such a cool model who cares?

I love this model.  I picked it up just so I could paint it.  It is iconic.  He is doing everything that a respectable barbarian monolith of badassery should do.  Big sword.  Check.  Bulging biceps.  Check.  Troubled brow?  It's all here.  It screams Conan and sculpt itself is beautiful retro goodness that reminds me of the old Warhammer Quest models.  The other 3 Frostgrave models I picked up (the accompanying Thief and the Sigilist and her Apprentice) share the same Quest vibe so I'm looking forward to them as well.

I think I did the model justice but it's such a nice one I could have done better and already see a few small details that could use some tweaking.  There is a small bird skull hanging from his belt knife.  I really should change the colour of the bone a bit so it doesn't blend in with the pants;  I think it is getting lost.  Maybe I should repaint it as grayed rather than cream bone to separate the elements better.  I rushed to post this because I liked it too much.  I still have to add snow to the base.  I have some "diamond dust" ground glass I picked up and Micheal's and am really looking forward to trying a new snow technique.  I was tempted to shear the top of the barbarian's head off and sculpt a horned helmet ringed in fur or make his pants striped as a Warhammer Quest homage but I was hesitant to alter the figure.


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    1. Looking at your site I have a hankering for some GW models. I have an AoS Bloodreaver on the bench and would really like to revisit some of my 40k stuff in the future.

  2. That is indeed a fantastic sculpt and you've done it lovely justice.

    1. The Sigilist and her apprentice are both on the bench and I'm really looking forward to getting them painted as well. I have a Reaper fig that will stand in as treasure hunter that I will probably be posting first though. I love their character models; Wish I could grab them locally :) .


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