Animal Farm: Barnyard animal scenics

I ordered a set of 1/48 Pegasus farm animals that arrived back in January.  Weighing in at 30 models models (less than a dollar a model) it's a nice set.  Cast in slightly bendy plastic the figures are still well detailed and the long mold line that traces the center of each figure is easily removed.

I painted them up very quickly.  I made a point to, "paint inside the lines" and detail the eyes but I didn't do anything crazy for the schemes themselves.  Each of the figures are restricted to 3 or 4 colours at the most.  Like other scenery I have been making recently this was by design.  My intentions for the animals are to use them as scenery and possibly objectives for special scenarios.  I don't want them to stand out, or steal the spotlight form gaming miniatures.  I hope them will sit on the peripheral and enhance the gaming experience like any other piece of terrain.  

Depending on setting these animals could use some accents to sell the scene.  For dark age settings I will have to build some wattle fences or pens.  Moving the timeline forward to the old west, a system of rail fences would aid the animals in their presentation.  The modern farm would do well with the same rail fence system, but a tractor is something I've meant to pick up for ages that would seal the deal.


  1. Very nice will add a lot of atmosphere to your games. Plus some funky rules for panic or angry animals could be hilarious!

    1. I was thinking about a TWD scenario involving either saving a cow or sacrificing them as a distraction; It would take multiple walkers a while to eat through a cow.


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