Thursday, 29 October 2015

Frostgrave: A Rockstar Among Wizards

Husayn al-Tawoos
When I saw the Northstar Summoner I knew I wanted to have one and wanted to paint him up in a most ostentatious fashion.  Royal purples, golden brocade, and glittering baubles.  To contrast his loud ensemble I contrasted his flashy robes with plain off white garments.  I think that I had been planning to paint him as close as I could to their studio paint job but as I proceeded from the initial base coat I began to deviate slightly until I arrived at Husayn al-Tawoos.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Strange Aeons: Captain Reid

Captain Reid, Canadian Militia
I didn't have any luck procuring a Mountie in miniature for my Strange Aeons game.  I had tried to order a Reaper Chronoscope model that fit the bill nicely but came up empty with the suppliers that I order through.  If either restock Dirk Goodspeed comes into I'll pick him up or maybe place an order for some of Bob Murch's excellent pulp sculpts.  As much as I would like to paint up a classic Mountie for my CORD team I realize that finding an alternative swiftly would keep the project going.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Strange Aeons: Cult Leader Valentine Black part 1

Valentine Black c. 1921
 When I invent characters I try to build them around a combination of fantasy and reality.  I've always felt that the fusion of trope and truth produce an artificial depth that lends veracity to the composite player.  Basing a a fictional person on a living or historical figure famous or simply familiar lends them a plausible animus.  It is easier to give them direction; To know what they might do next when confronted with significant choices.  That being said this article is an exposition on Valentine Black detailing his construction, imagined history and motivations.   I chose the name Valentine because Roman styled names enjoyed something of a resurgence in Victorian England where Black was supposedly born.  I appreciated the irony of the names meaning, "strong and healthy" not being appropriate for the ailing, ruin of a man.  The surname Black seems properly sinister, terse, and English and contrasted his almost flowery given name.