Thursday, 25 May 2017

Lighning Strikes! A Night Lords painting tutorial

I recently offered to share how I paint the lightning effects on my Night Lord models.  It's always best to start something like this by saying there are many ways to accomplish this out there, this isn't necessarily the best, but it's what I like and it works for me so if you like you can give it a go and add it to your bag of hobby tricks.  Best practices usually end up in my possession by way of learning how someone else did something I like or doing something wrong enough times.  This freehand method owes to more than a few helpful teachers and all sorts of trial and error on my part.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

In Midnight Clad Again

Over the years I have dabbled in a lot of 40k forces.  On the blog I have posted on the Imperial Guard and the Dark Eldar.  The Dark Eldar are a rather young project as far as my hobbying go and while the Guard are probably my longest running on again, off again running back into the mid 90s it's debatable if I ever had a cohesive, themed force mustered for a single game in all of those years.  The VIII Legion are the only army that have ever had that distinction for me and in the course of a decade and a half there have been six distinct incarnations of my Night Lord armies.  What follows is a retrospective and yet another resurrection of the army I never truly leave behind this time as a skirmish level "art scale" project for Shadow War: Armageddon or some form of Inq28 in the future.