Wednesday, 3 April 2013

General Update and Back in Action

trooper, sergeant, Barber Mott
 Well, it's been a while.  All right then.  On to excuses.  Starting a new job is a fairly decent one.  Real life has a strange way of eating hobby but this really isn't the reason.  It all came down to the loss of my favourite green stuff press mould.  It is a very nice piece of kit.  The detail is crisp and for ease of use it's even mounted on a space marine arm that is both functional and stylish.  Sadly it went AWOL and every visit to the hobby table became an exercise in frustration where I would look for it fruitlessly or attempt to make a replacement.  I couldn't find it and the substitutes were pure garbage.  Finally it turned up and suddenly second squad are coming together rather nicely.