Saturday, 9 February 2013

Guard Medic/ INQ28 Chiurgeon WIP

You want hugs an all I got is drugs.

I like it best when a model does all the work and just seems to come together in your hands.  This was one of them.  The base figure is a Reaper Barkeep.  He was from a blister of three townsfolk I picked up at a LGS a while back.  GW doesn't have too many thickset models in their range and this guy was impossible to pass up.  As a stock figure he oozed character.  He was taking a rag to a stein he had in hand.  I'd carved him down a bit more than I might have needed to for this conversion.  I'd considered really cutting him up and turning him into a 40k noble (really cool painting from FFG product) and got about halfway through the chopping and had a change of heart.  The lower part of the body was a bit of a stumbling block because I would had to have cut him in half or dremel the hell out out of his apron.

Friday, 8 February 2013

First Squad Fall In

First squad reporting for duty (or just a photo op).
 I completed the first ten man squad for the Pohlesian project.  All said and done it took about two weeks to accomplish which isn't too bad for me as I'm not a prolific "army painter".  Determining the colour scheme on the character model that proceeded them certainly expedited the process where typically my efforts at painting multiple figures for the first time usually ends with much cursing and a motley of variations.

Friday, 1 February 2013

INQ28 Daemonhost- WIP

Low image quality warning, Shot with old camera
I started working on a daemonhost for my INQ28 project back in November.  I'd posted on the Deathsquads forum which is a great site with a solid community and worthy of attention.  When I did my build I'd been taken by the potential of the Warhammer wraith as a basis for the conversion due in no small part to the fine examples utilized by persons involved with their own INQ28 projects that I'd come across on many of the fine blogs and forums I'd been frequenting.  The utility of the model is quite incredible and suggest so many possibilities.