Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dark Eldar: Kabal of Fettered Souls test models

Way back when the Dark Eldar were released I picked some up intending to build an army.  They were some of the best looking models I had seen introduced across the ranges in quite some time so I really wanted to pick some up and get started.  You may have noticed that in a year of blogging I have never mentioned them as even a passing interest.  I didn't go well. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

'13 In Review and Looking Into '14

Goblyn ,The  Great Satan: Wrecker of Daddie's Toys.
Just before the New Year arrived "Void Spaces" had it's first anniversary.  Whether it had or not I suppose there should have been some kind of obligatory evaluation associated with the arrival of 2014 and a "plan" for the year on the horizon.  I knew down deep inside I wouldn't complete any projects.  I'm prone to distraction and if another idea doesn't magically have more appeal then I'm probably off on hiatus because a bad brush pissed me off or Goblyn decided my work space required "renovations" (read: pet project of the moment is pitched to the deck and spectacularly reduced to smithereens).  In spite of this over the course of the year I managed to produce some figures I was happy with and reduce if not eliminate my "hobby deficit"; the golden mean being painting as many miniatures as I purchase.  I'm still not there yet but like to think I'm getting better.